Monday, November 7, 2011

Project list

Belt for chiara.  Horses in hot pink and black.

Revise class handouts for spring Collegium

Lightning Bolts belt - Staz - Pattern chosen, just need to know how long.

Garters - Martin - on the loom.

Garters - Raz - What width? And how long?  Need to research some patterns.

????? - Marcie - What do you want?

Household favors - Eagle  Black and gold double face eagle?

Knight's belt - Ciaran - Missed hole technique? Need to find more information on the piece from Lanore Cranog, Ireland. Or is there a textile find that you would like to have recreated?

Trim for Blue.  Something Norman?

White scarf - Lot - Star of Solomon motif. Shoulder or arm tie? How long?

Auggie - something checky

Amber - red and white swastikas.  Need to figure out if it is 3/1 or doubleface, and chart it.

Paul and Joe - brocade medallion cords with Pelicans and laurel leaves.

Embroider laurel leaves on order cloak

Embroider horse and dragon for Chiara's mantle.

Make something for Ciar

Make myself a German, and weave something for me.

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