Friday, July 3, 2015

Guntram's Leaf Pattern?

I have a Mac, so I can't use GTT.  This was charted from a picture of a band that used that pattern, and might be different.  If you use GTT, please let me know if it matches the pattern found here:

  S S S S S Z Z Z Z Z S S S S      
          F         F              
4F/4B except the two cards that only roll F        
  28 white                          
  28 Green                          

While this pattern is 4F/4B, I do not recommend counting the turns.  Instead, you know when to change direction when the top of the leaf comes to a point, and the white fleck shows up in the center on the other side. 

If you don't catch those, it will become very obvious when you roll too far, because the color will change abruptly.

In this case, it was a mistake, because changing the rolling direction will change the direction of the leaves (which I did not want).  However, if you want your leaves to change direction, it will also remove twist because the always F cards change to always B.

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