Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bubblegum or loop braid

My mother's day tradition is that Chiara and I make something together.  Today was very hot, so cooking was out.  Instead I taught her a braid that my mom taught me.  She calls it a bubblegum braid because they used to make them from bubblegum wrappers.  I haven't tried doing that, but they are super easy to make with ribbon or yarn.  I just refer to it as a loop braid because it makes it easier for people to understand.

If you know how to make a slip knot, you can skip the next part.

 Find the center of your ribbon, and make an X.  Then reach through the loop and pull the piece that crossed the other one through the loop.  Fiddle with it, until the knot looks pretty.

 If you pull one string, it should shorten the loop.  The other string should not cause any movement.  Take the string that doesn't cause movement, form a loop, then pass the loop through the other one.  Don't let your loop twist, or it will show in the braid.

 Then pull the string with movement, to reduce the first loop until snug against the loop that has been passed through it.
 Now take the string you pulled snug, form a loop, and pass it through the current loop.

 Pull the other string to snug the loop snug against the loop passing through it.
 Repeat, until you use up your ribbon, or have a piece as long as you want it.  Then pass the next string without looping through the loop to lock the braid.  Otherwise pulling the strings will undo the braid.
The same process can be done with two colors of ribbon as well.

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