Monday, September 2, 2013

Norse Seam Treatment class from Highland

 I actually ran out of handouts (for the first time ever), so I am posting pictures of the stitches taught here, so they are readily available.  I did not go over much history, as I knew we would not have much time.  The main points I made were that stitches were often structural, and that often what we modernly would have considered the decorative aspect was on the inside of a garment.  I also passed around a few examples of layered stitches from archeological finds.
 Running Stitch

 Whip Stitch (Over Stitch)
 Blanket Stitch
 Tailor Stitch (Blanket Stitch with a knot)

Take the thread closest to the needle, and pass it back towards the section that you have completed.
 Osenstitch (Van Dyke Stitch)

I chose to do this loosely so it is easier to see the structure of the stitch, but when pulled tighter it gives a wonderful braided appearance.
 Chain Stitch

Stem Stitch

I general, I usually bring the needle back out in the hole it previously went in, rather than above or below it.  The back of this stitch will be backstich, so it works very nicely for pieces that you will see both sides.

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